Positive dog training for the real world

Can’t even remember what it feels like to walk beside your dog instead of being dragged behind? Becoming convinced that your puppy’s kibble must be made of rocket fuel, because there is no other explanation for the ungodly amount of chaos he can stir up in two seconds flat?

Take a deep breath. It can get easier. Let’s talk about it.

Force Free Fido is a positive dog training program located in Jacksonville, NC. We use reward-based training methods to work through the whole gamut of canine behavior problems, from developing the potential of superstar puppies, to taming Cujo-wannabes, to just getting Buddy to stop bowling over grandma.

"Force Free" dog training means that we are committed to using dog-friendly training methods which involve no pain, no coercion and no fear. We use simple, effective, positive methods to solve your toughest behavior problems.

Tough breeds? Our favorite.

Tried everything? Try us.

In-home private obedience classes using positive, reward-based methods
Reward-based clicker training puppy socialization classes
Stop problem behaviors like jumping, barking, pulling and nipping using positive reinforcement

In-Home Training Packages

Our in-home basic obedience training will set your dog up for a lifetime of cooperation. Learn how to use positive reinforcement to easily teach and maintain good habits.

Puppy Genius

Our Puppy Genius! Socialization, Enrichment and Obedience class is designed to give your new addition the best start in life. Learn how to set your puppy up for success from day one to prevent problems before they begin!

Problem Solving

Stuck with one specific problem behavior? We have full training courses available for common problems like jumping, pulling on the leash and more, for a build-your-own-curriculum dog training experience.
Lucas the Service Dog, student of Force Free Fido

Sport Foundations

Dog sports are an excellent way to bond with your pet and keep their mind in top shape. We can teach foundation skills for obedience, rally, musical freestyle, nosework, parkour and tricks.

Service Dog Training

Our full service dog program is currently in development, but we would be glad to assist local handlers with task training and public access skills through private lessons in the meantime.